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Sardine Candy Canes

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There’s something fishy about these…🤔🐟

Our highly coveted Sardine Candy Canes are the catch of the holiday season! While depending on your taste or lack there of, you may want to catch and release these. Sea, they're a tiny bit fishy... albiet sweeter than an actual sardine and packed tight with Christmas spirit!

  • Sardine Candy Canes
  • Set of six gray & white candy canes
  • Standard size with a non-standard sardine flavor
  • Comes in an illustrated box featuring a sardine dressed for the occassion with a bow tie and top hat.
  • The o-fish-al holiday gift for sardine lovers, that will leave them reeling!

Sardines, really? Why? Well, possibly your parents skipped over a few lines of your favorite Christmas story. See, Santa frickin' loves sardiines, so he eats them straight from the tin while he flies around the world on Christmas Eve. Be-claus... the missus would prefer he not eat them at home, especially if he expects some. Eskimo kisses, you dirty dog.

Set of 6 anchovy flavored, light grey and white striped candy canes. Each individually shrink-wrapped cane measures approximately 5.25 inches tall. The illustrated box is shrink-wrapped and adorned with fancy sardine all ready the ocassion. An excellent white elephant gift idea!