Social Tweet Retro Bird Face Mask

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​​Show that you give a flock. ​Flash them the bird.

Increase your real-life community engagement by wearing our Social Tweet IRL Retro Bird Face Mask in public to show others that you give a hoot!

Grown bored of tweeting and twittering your days away? Wanna do your best to stay safe whole-while joining the flock again? It’s time to venture out of quarantine and safely mingle with the rest of your flock. But, don’t just wing it.

Follow the CDC recommendations and sparrow us the complaints. We’re not looking to ruffle any feathers here. Simply get your social (distance) networking on, while covering your beak in public. Wash your hands and hold off on the hugs for now, cool?

  • Handmade in the USA from 3 layers of fabric
  • Two outer pieces with print and color are 100% cotton
  • Deep navy blue, with gabby green sparrows perch on a swirl of rainbows and starbursts. The flip-side is a lovely dove grey.
  • Hidden 3rd layer is a non-woven polyester which acts as a built-in filter.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that bird lovers will migrate to this mask like birds flying south for the winter.

Fun Fact: Bluebirds are associated with love and happiness, but did you know that green birds mean there is adventure in your future?

Washable. Measures approximately 8 inches across by 4.5 inches tall. Sewn from 2 layers of 100% woven cotton, and one layer of middle poly/cotton fabric 9 inch wide x 5.5 inch tall. A generous 7 inches of white quality elastic on each side of the mask makes for a super comfortable fit.

Navy. Green sparrows perch on vibrant blue and pink designs of swirly, stripey stars and rainbows. Our Social Tweet IRL Retro Bird Face Mask is a thoughtful and stylish gift!

Perpetual Kid Exclusives Made in the USA - Social Tweet Retro Bird Face Mask

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