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The Office Stapler in Jello Prank Gummy Candy

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UGH! DAMMIT! He put my stuff in Jell-O again! That's real professional. Thanks.

How do you know it was me? [eats Jell-O] Of all the times Jim pranked Dwight this episode takes the cake! Our hilarious The Office Stapler in Jello Prank Giant Gummy is a life-size edible prop from the tv show!

But, wait! No, no, no, no! Do not just take the stapler out of there. You need to eat it out of there. Because there are starving people in the world.. (which we hate!) and the stapler is 100% edible!

  • Gummy version of the stapler trapped in jello - just like the one Dwight found in his desk drawer
  • Weighs close to a full pound, and worth it's weight in gold!
  • Surprise! The stapler inside is a gummy! Faux serious, it's not a real stapler.
  • A fun gift for flans fans of The Office and practical jokes!
  • Totally not kosher or vegan.

Forget the chocolates this Valentine's, and serve up a piece of television history to the Jim to your Pam. Or wait until April's Fool's day to spring this on the Dwight of your life.

Strawberry flavored gummy candy. Gummy candy measures 4 inches in diameter x 2 inches tall and weighs 10 ounces. Officially licensed. The Office Stapler in Jello Prank Giant Gummy is an awesome gift, they totally won't see this one coming!