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Toadstool Mushroom Lunch Tote



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There's so mushroom for food!

In-spore-ducing our amazingly cute Toadstool Mushroom Lunch Tote!

Still using a paper bag for lunch? Let that shitake go! There's so mushroom for food in this Toadstool'y Cool Lunch Tote!

Our red and white toadstool mushroom-shaped, EVA-lined tote is hard-walled and insulated to keep your lunch fresh without getting crushed. The handle and stitching ooze quality, so it will survive the work week with ease. Bonus: this Lunch Tote unzips wiiiide open—no struggling to pack and unpack large containers or ice packs.

It's great for lunch, snacks, drinks, and of course veggies! A great gift for your favorite fungi or girl!

EVA-insulated to keep food fresh.  Our Toadstool Mushroom Lunch Tote is wide-opening for easy packing/unpacking.

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