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Vintage Camper RV Road Trip Face Mask


On the road again. Goin' places that I've never been...

Deck yourself out in our Vintage Camper RV Road Trip Face Mask - it's is a real gas! 

Being quarantined has been a real bummer, and has many folks longing for the freedom of the open road (and understandably so!)  Wherever your travels take you - the beach, mountains, peyote trip in the desert, or some fantastically bizarre roadside attractions - this mask is primed for an unforgettable cross-country road trip, or trip to your local 7-11.

  • Fun pit stop accessory
  • Swank gift for the King (or Queen of the Road)
  • Handmade in the USA from 3 layers of fabric
  • Two outer pieces with print and color are 100% cotton 
  • Colorful retro print featuring colorful trailers and RVs; interior orange
  • Hidden 3rd layer is a non-woven polyester which acts as a built-in filter

Brightly colored trailers and recreation vehicles roll across a pale moss green background on the mask's front medium weight cotton fabric. The interior facing cotton fabric is a fun tangerine orange.

Washable. Measures approximately 8 inches across by 4.5 inches tall. Sewn from 2 layers of 100% woven cotton, and one layer of middle poly/cotton fabric 9 inch wide x 5.5 inch tall. A generous 7 inches of white quality elastic on each side of the mask makes for a super comfortable fit.

Machine or hand-wash cold. Made in the USA! Our Vintage Camper RV Road Trip Face Mask is a thoughtful gift for those suffering from wanderlust.

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