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Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer


You know someone that needs this!

Attention all Congressmen, Senators, heads of production companies...  Where you put your hands is none of our business, unless it is on someone else!  We've become quite concerned when you involve other people, though.   Handshakes, high-fives and thumb wars are dangerous to the rest of us unless the #1 After-Genital-Contact Hand Sanitizer has been used.   

Maybe you touched your genitals, okay most likely considering what we've been seeing on the news...   Maybe your co-worker did before they handed you your cup of coffee.   Either way, be prepared with our Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Liquid Hand Sanitizer.   

Our 2 ounce non-lubricating formula kills 99.99% of germs and the dreaded cootie virus on contact, smells like innocence, and is fortified with moisturizing extracts of Aloe Vera!

Bottle measures 4.25 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide.   2oz.

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