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Hot Dog Candy Canes

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Frank-ly, they look like traditional candy canes...

But as Santa as our witness, they are not! We'll be the first to admit that our Hotdog Candy Canes are an acquired taste! So perhaps they'll also pull you in with their nostalgic meaty flavor? While traditionally, hotdogs are not made with the highest quality meat, they do hold fond childhood memories! The flavor may take you back to baseball parks, picnics, and carefree days where your only worry was how the frick you were going to get your name off Santa's naughty list!

  • Hot Dog Candy Canes
  • Processed meat in a tube just got a little sweeter! 🌭
  • Set of 6 hotdog flavored full-size candy canes
  • These red-and-white-striped candy canes look like a traditional candy cane but taste like a sweet meaty hotdog!
  • They're ripe for pranking but may leave you on Santa's naughty list next year!
  • A fun gift idea! You can get your jollies grossing people out with this unsuspecting candy flavor!
  • Weiner, weiner, Christmas Dinner!

Set of 6 full-sized, hotdog flavored, processed-meat-red and bun-white striped, individually shrink-wrapped candy canes. Each cane measures a standard 5.25 inches tall. The shrink-wrapped, illustrated box is perfect for gift giving! Our Hotdog Candy Canes by Archie McPhee, are sure to be a home run with baseball lovers!