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Still Alive Plant Award Ornament


Everyone is rooting for ya!

Way to go killa! Celebrate another day of keeping your plant alive with our Still Alive Plant Award. This prized rosette is etched in brass with a beautiful gold string to attach to your plants. Come on and let us plant one on ya!

  • Classic blue ribbon style award in etched brass
  • Decorate your thriving plant leaves or pots with this cheeky brass ribbon award!
  • A fun gift for plan lovers and recovering plant killers

We  support plant parenthood! You've worked hard, now reward yourself with a fun, miniature award recognizing your skills in plant care!

Includes one brass metal roseete, and gold thread. Ribbon measures approximately 2.56 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide.  Our Still Alive Plant Ribbon Award is so proud of you. You grow girl!

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