Happy Fart-er's Day Whoopee Cushion Card


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Whoopie! It’s Father’s Day!

Is your dad a farter? Then let your dad be the butt of the joke this Father’s Day with our cheeky Fart-er's Day Card!

  • Front: “Happy Fart-her's Day”
  • Inside: Blank for personal message
  • Design: classic red checkered Whoopie Cushion (ya know, that thing you blow up and sneak on to someone's seat when they're not looking- hoping they fall for it and let lose an embarassingly loud fart noise)
  • Hand-drawn design digitally colored and printed
  • Made in the UK

Present a gift of humor to the big cheese, the man who introduced you to flatulence jokes. Proudly continue the silent butt deadly tradition of never failing to laugh at potty humor. Life advice from our dad: Never trust a fart. Feel free to pass gas it along!

Handmade and illustrated by Goodwick, UK female artist Frankie Nicholas. Printed on good quality cardstock with a craft envelope made from recycled paper. Our Fart-er's Day Card is a gas for fathers, stepdad, and friends and family whom just happen to be dads!

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