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New Baby Spork Greeting Card

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It all began with some innocent spooning

But spooning soon lead to forking... and 9 months later our adorkable Spork Baby Greeting Card arrived! This cheeky handmade card is the perfect baby shower card for parents with a forking sense of humor!

  • Front: Together you've made something beautiful.
  • Inside: Blank for a personal message
  • Features a Mom Spoon, Dad Fork, and their Baby Spork

Pink and blue together make lavender, just as a spoon and fork together make a spork! It's the perfect blend of colors and words! Viva la baby spork!

  • Designed + handmade in Chicago, IL
  • This three-color letterpress card is hand-printed on a vintage letterpress machine
  • Eco-friendly! 100% cotton paper made from reclaimed lint creates a satisfying tactile surface texture
  • 30% post-consumer recycled envelope, and packaged in a plant-based, biodegradable sleeve

Made in the United States of America! Eco-friendly. 100% heavyweight cotton paper made from lint reclaimed in other industrial processes. Packaged in a plant-based, biodegradable sleeve, includes a 30% post-consumer recycled envelope. Card measures 4.5 inches wide x 6.25 inches tall. Handmade at McBitterson's studio located in an old factory building in Chicago, IL, USA, our Spork Baby Greeting Card is the perfect way to celebrate the offspring of word nerds!