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45 Rpm Drink Markers

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Our spin-tacular 45 RPM Drink Markers are a fun retro way to keep track of your wine glass at your next shindig!  Anyone over the age of 30 should be familiar with the shape.  Any one under 30 will get an inspiring, glossy-eyed story of, "back in the day of vinyl records" told to them.  You know it's true!

You're at a party. Your favorite Def Leppard tunes (or maybe some oldies) are cranking through the record player.  You bump into your best friend so you put your drink down to high five...  The next thing you know 30 minutes has gone by and you can not remember which drink is yours!  This happens way too often.  Should you give up high-fiving?  No, that's far too important!

Just use our nifty little drink marker to designate which glass is yours!  Problem solved.  Everything sounds better on vinyl, and everything tastes better when it's marked with a 45 RPM Drink Marker.  Any true fan of music will tell you, that fact is science.  And remember, no drinks on the jukebox!

Set of six colors including: purple, green, red, blue, pink, and yellow.

Silicone.  6 different colors. Each measures 2 inches in diameter.  Awesome retro style.  These do not make good throwing stars (yes, we tried.) 


Gift Ideas

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