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This Is F*cking Delicious Oven Mitt


You know that meal was f*cking delicious, so why not pat yourself on the back with our This is F*cking Delicious Oven Mitt! A tasty juxtaposition of saccharine sweet and hilariously profane. Everyone loves baked mac and cheese. Now have some fun taking...

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Uranus Soap


Uranus isn't just a planet Your bathroom isn't complete without Uranus Soap. If you're looking for a way to spice up your next family together, make sure you have this soap in plain sight! Tiny 2oz. hotel-size bar of soap** Unscented. Funny-Ass...

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100% Legal Pot (Holder)


Get Baked + Cook At The Same Time! So, what you've got here is a pot holder that LOOKS like a pot leaf! Pot ... pot. Hilarious!  Long after the novelty of this aptly-named product wears off, you'll be enjoying its quality construction and...

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Magical Color Changing Unicorn Night Light


Sweet Dreams Whoever said you're too old for a nightlight, clearly has not met our Magical Color Changing Unicorn Night Light, and must enjoy stepping on unsuspecting legos. Imagine how much sweeter your bedtime will be with a dreamy unicorn nightlight...

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Pick Up Truck Men's Socks


Behold, our Pick Up Truck Men's Socks. And may you find a guy that looks at you, the way he looks at his truck. These stylish foot sweat catchers read 'Till Death To Us Part on the toes... A weirdly bro-mantic gift, and possibly the best pick-up attempt...

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Total Eclipse Of The Fart Lavatory Mist


A fresh remix of an old favorite, our Total Eclipse Of The Fart Lavatory Mist by Blue Q is on track to be a hit in the bathroom! You need this now, tonight.  You need this more than ever. (Especially if it's Taco Tuesday.) Whether you farted or...

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Put 'Em Up Ankle Socks


Our feisty Put 'Em Up Ankle Socks are just the pair to wear when you're cruisin' for a bruisin'! Come on now... put up dukes! Featuring a total knockout drawn in the classic pinup tattoo style design - complete with stars, and roses. Speaking of roses.....

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Unicorn Toothbrush Holder


Sparkly Unicorn White Teeth Our super cute Elodie Unicorn Toothbrush Holder will help your toothbrush against yucky germs! It will also encourage you to reach for your brush more often, resulting in a more brilliant smile! Elodie closes right over...

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Hillary's Uranium (One) Bar of Glow In The Dark Soap

Has your morning glow been missing lately? Radioactivate your day in the most environmentally friendly, organic way! When you use our Hillary's favorite Uranium (One) Bar of Glow In The Dark Soap, you will be in your element every day. Be careful...