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Cotton Candy Candle

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Theres nothing quite like a carnival!  We all remember the Ferris wheel, really difficult games, Carnies, tiny ponies, fried anything, bearded ladies and so much more.  But the smell that makes us most nostalgic is fluffy cotton candy!  Our Cotton Candy Candle smells delicious with sweet hints of berry and vanilla.  The soft sugary scented candle is inviting and unique and will surely put a smile on any face. 

Now you can have your favorite sticky cotton candy treat in a clean and stylish tin!  You will feel like a kid again while maintaining your homes elegance!  It comes in a silver tin and the warm flickering glow creates a delightful atmosphere!  Burning time is about 55+ hours.

Our Cotton Candy Candle is 8 ounces.  100% soy wax.  Tin measures 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide.