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Let Us Glitter Bomb Your Friends

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Your unicorn approved Glitter Card will ship via FIRST CLASS MAIL separately from any other items in your order. No tracking information is available for this shipping method. Estimated delivery date is 3 USPS Business days for delivery.

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Product Information

Yep!  Perpetual Kid will Glitter Bomb your friends for you!
Okay... with all the bad press glitter has been getting lately, we had to step in and defend, hands down, the best craft supply ever known to mankind.
Some people say glitter like it's a bad thing!  Forseriously people?!  It's not a curse!  It's a magical gift from the craft gods!  It possesses the amazing ability to make everything it touches sparkle and shimmer like a new age vampire on a sunny day!  We're reclaiming glitter and restoring its proper place in the world!  All over everything, that is!
Let us send a Glitter Bomb Greeting Card to everyone you know who could use some sparkle in their day, or years...  It's also, quite literally, a great pick me up for a pal in the dumps!
Do you know someone who seems too reserved or unfriendly and is in desperate need of some lightening up?  We're sure they'll totally appreciate this happy little surprise!  They'll remember this act of joy and think of you every time they find another damn piece of glitter.
We'll include your own personalized (make it anonymous or not) message, handwritten by our team of magical unicorns, inside the card with what else but glitter ink!  Keep your message short as your glitter victim won't have much time to read it anyway when the glitter takes over!  Oh, and we ask that you keep your message PG-13ish, since the cards will all be handwritten... and we're not trying to get all up in your biz, like this glitter!
Includes one incredibly sparkly card (blank on the front) and a hand addressed unassuming envelope (okay, we'll probably plaster it with a fun looking sticker to throw off the track), with an obnoxiously awesome amount of glitter anxiously awaiting inside.  
Choose from Punch Happy Pink, Boisterous Blue, Radical Red, or Gregarious Green!
How will the card ship?
USPS First Class Mail, there is no tracking number available for the card.  

When will the recipient receive the card?
Cards are shipped on the next business day.  The average transit time for a card is 3 business days for delivery.  The delivery date for Shipping during checkout does NOT pertain to the glitter cards.

Can I send cards and gifts to more than one address?
Yes, but you will need to place two separate orders.

Can I ship just cards to more than one address?
Yes, you can purchase as many cards as you would like with different shipping addresses within one order.