Sushi Gummy Candy in Bento Box


Candy bento box! It's soy cute! Our Sushi Gummy Candy in Bento Box comes with 9 pieces of candy modeled after sushi rolls and garnishings, arranged in a plastic bento box style tray! 2...

Gummy Candy Burger


A whopper of a Gummy! Made of 22 delicious candies, The Original Gummy Candy Burger is a concept that is well-done! Complete with see-thru cardboard burger box, it's the king of all gummies! 6 sweet...

Candy Taco


Taco bout a clever candy! Our Candy Taco is just the sugary sustenance a taco lover with a sweet tooth needs on the go! Move over Choco-Taco, there's a sweeter less meltier version in town! (but...