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Rubber Bandit Pen

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The guy in the cubicle to your right is blasting his death metal again, the girl to your left won't stop whining about her boyfriend, and the guy behind you keeps playing the same lame YouTube video while laughing like a maniac.  It's time to fight back!  Get passive aggressive with our Rubber Bandit Pen.

Our Rubber Bandit Pen operates as a writing instrument and it also discreetly shoots rubber bands easily towards your target.  Use the target on the back of the packaging to perfect your shot.  Today it's paper targets, tomorrow it's death metal guy's forehead!

Really, what it comes down to is R-E-S-P-E-C-T in your office and if that requires a few rubber band shots from cube to cube, so be it.  Our black ink ballpoint Rubber Bandit Pen measures 6.25 inches long x 0.5 inches in diameter and comes complete with rubber bands.

Great for Project Managers!  Hey Bob, I'm going to need you to come in this weekend and no I won't stop pointing this at you till you send me your TPS report.